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Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall in New York

I have found this passage that I wrote last Fall and I thought that it reflects my state of mind so perfectly. I think my fascination with this season will never end.

What can I tell you about Fall in New York? I can most definitely tell you a story.

If I had to classify seasons in New York City, I would say that -

Summer is a young girl that is playful and very very young. The kind of young that likes to show off in front of her girlfriends on a hot summer day somewhere around Hamptons in her designer bikini swim suit. She is careless and free. She has the spirit of a wild animal. But still inexperienced, still in the anticipation what will her life bring in the upcoming years, upon graduation from college. She is the city away from the hot sweaty streets, somewhere in the outer boroughs that have beach and parties going on.

Spring is a tad older. She is still very young, but ready for that first love, for that walk hand in hand and for that first kiss at the sunset. The warmth of the early spring summer rays are so gentle, subtly working its way onto still cold earth. The first flowers are opening its heads to the observations of amazed gazes. Yes, she is the Love, she is delicate and gentle.

Winter is the grandmother. Cold but loving with a cracking fire place and hot chocolate, with a wool throw and knee high socks. With an interesting book and long evenings at home. She has stories to tell. She will test you with her strong winds, but reward you for your bravery with sparkling snowy mornings, and joy and cheer of the holidays coming.

Fall is my favorite Lady. She is sophisticated. She is confident and classy. She brings warmth and color. Fall is the ultimate New Yorker. It has the warmth of the Summer that is so fleeting, but yet still here with its warm rays of sun that bestow upon our heads. Yes, she is gracious and giving. Perhaps it is the last chance to lay down in the middle of Central Park before cold winds of grandma Winter will storm in and cover up the sun with clouds. Days will get shorter and all will be left in anticipation of the summer to come. But until that time she will show her true beauty. The beauty of many colors, the bright reds and yellow leaves that will stay on the trees and then cover the ground like the red carpet on the Oscar night. It is the time of that favorite cashmere turtleneck that could still be worn with a pip-toe shoes. She has the glamorous way of introducing herself to everyone, to make her presence known to the people. And everyone is mesmerized by her glorious beauty, by her playful colors, by her caring and caressing love.

There is more to it though, there are New Yorkers who embrace her Majesty Fall. A day in Central Park and you will see that the city is glorious. It is a non-stop celebration of Life and Beauty with its Twist competitions, Beer feasts, roller skating contests and just plain New Yorkers who are in true spirit of the City stay on still green and still warm lawns of the park with their books, friends, significant others. I am not sure if it was accidentally witnessed kiss, or the view of the city skyline peering on the outskirts of the park, as if it is trying to peek a view of what is going on. Or perhaps it is the overall spirit of those that live here. Those that comprise the substance of this great city, The City of New York. All of this combined is our Fall.

Nice to meet you Lady Fall we are Happy to have you here.