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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Women for Hire

It was a brisk February morning, and it might have been quiet in a certain neighborhood but not around 7th Ave and 53rd Street in Manhattan. Women For Hire outreach event attracted over 5,000 women and men who attended in hopes to meet potential employers and speak with professional career coaches on the topics of improvement of their resumes.

I volunteered my time and experience as a Coach and reviewed resumes. The guidelines were simple, 5 minutes (or about) per candidate. When we started at 10 am sharp, the line for resume critique stretched out for miles. I reviewed resumes without breaks from 10 am to 3 pm. By the time I came out I felt tired but great. It is not every day you get to really make a difference in so many lives of others in such a tight time frame.

I wish best of luck to all of the participants and would like to thank Women for Hire for giving me an opportunity to contribute to this event.

As a follow up to this event, we have partnered up with Coaches to create a series of workshops focusing on career development and job placement assistance. Check back to my website to follow the schedule and gather more information.

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