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Monday, March 30, 2009

Points of You

Points of You

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to introduce our Israeli partners The Coaching Game, founded by Yaron Golan and Efrat Shani.

This wonderful organization has developed an amazing Coaching Game.

How the Game is Played©*

The Game Includes:
65 cards - each presenting a topic depicted by a photograph
A book offering a selection of perspectives, insights, thoughts, questions and stories
Layout chart
A booklet of coaching notes

Who can play?
You, on your own
Two players - with partner / spouse, or friend
In a group

About the Series of 65 Cards©*

The topics are divided into five series.

Journey ©*
The "Journey" series represents the central issues in the path through life that we all make. The cards in this series have a special meaning and signify that a large and powerful process is taking place in our lives at this time. A card from this series allows us to delve deeply into the story of our lives.

Doing ©*
The "Doing" series represents the sphere of action and reaction - the practical aspect of our lives. Cards from this series present us with topics related to the doing in our lives and the results of our actions, allowing u to take an in-depth look at our practical sides and the implications of our deeds and actions.

Just Be ©*
The "Just Be" series represents the being, the emotional and the flowing nature of our lives. A card from this series allows us to look at and examine the gap between what we feel inside and the way in which we express our 'beings' in the world around us

Difficulty ©*
The "Difficulty" series represents the challenging aspect of our lives. The cards in this series represent the difficulties and challenges we face along our journey, and allow us to closely examine the approaches and thoughts that guide us in our lives today, as well as how we cope with them.

Opportunities ©*
The "Opportunities" series is just that - an opportunity. The cards in this series represent the possibilities we have of enriching our daily lives; they allow us to examine our level of openness and readiness with regards to the things that are happening in and around us.

How are we going to play on-line?

Although this game has a "physical body" that we use in our groups, we are going to implement it on-line. How?

Every week we are going to post a word from each series and ask you to respond to it. Something about yourself, or something that you are working on, or your world view, in 2 or 3 sentences (140 characters for twitter users) through the words of the week. We look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

Play with us!

If you would like to purchase the Points of You game please inquire through our Contact Us page.

*All rights reserved, Copyright© Points of You 2007

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