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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here we go again. Why aren't the media and mayoral campaigns talking about
women's economic issues when half of NYC voters are women? The economic
status of New York City women is a critical "family pocketbook issue,"
especially in this economy. Yet it is being given short shrift by the
mainstream press, debate sponsors, and even the candidates. The New York
Women's Agenda and the Equal Pay Coalition NYC asked the questions and
received the answers on equal pay, part-time work, flexible work options,
childcare, access to new jobas and capital, and more. Go to and pass this on.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to turn up the volume on these issues.
Otherwise, we can expect silence from the next administration. NYC women
cannot afford that.

"New York City voters now have a unique window on the future thanks to an
excellent questionnaire about how improving the economic status of women can
improve both the city's economic health and the economic security of
families. It was sent to all certified mayoral candidates by the Equal Pay
Coalition and the responses by Candidates Thompson, Bloomberg, Villar, Fein
and Dobrian tell an important story. Every New York City voter can now weigh
the answer to this question, "Which candidate has the best track record and
plans for the future to fully tap the strength of women, remove barriers and
open economic opportunity for all women?" said Linda Tarr-Whelan, Demos
Senior Fellow and author of the new book, "Women Lead the Way: Your Guide
to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World"

The Equal Pay Coalition NYC (EPCNYC) is a consortium of over 35 civic
organizations, advocates and experts working together for Pay Equity in NY.
EPCNYC was created in 2007 by NYWA, a New York nonprofit charitable
corporation, in response to growing concern and mounting evidence of the
continuing economic discrimination suffered by New York's women and
minorities and their families. EPCNYCpromotes policy and legislative action
on all levels of government to create fair pay practices, and primarily
focuses its efforts on NY State and NYC Pay Equity reform. This nonpartisan
and nonprofit effort welcomes organizations and individuals who want to
identify with this fair pay campaign and work together to further these

Submitted by Beverly Neufeld, Coordinator, Equal Pay Coalition NYC,

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