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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Argo Tea

It is was a regular Sunday in New York city, that is until we walked into Argo Tea.

Those that know me, also know that I swear by Starbucks, but I might have found an alternative. Not sure about the coffee, yet, but it is definitely a place for tea.

Creative, hip, upbeat atmosphere, free wifi, and an enormous selection of teas both hot and cold. As Argo Tea states themselves, it is an artist friendly environment and it is certainly reflected on the cups.

To say that we loved the place and the teas that we drank (Armenian Mint (hot), Mojitea (cold)), is not to say anything. I think I found my favorite tea spot. This is not to say that I no longer am a fan of Starbucks, but I am definitely more inclined to go to Argo Tea for tea.

I am psyched since my office is located only 5 blocks away from the first NYC location of Argo Tea (Flat Iron Building).

Check them out for yourself

See you there!

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