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Friday, September 7, 2007

AT & T Service Disruptions

I am not sure what is going on with AT & T but it seems that there service has failed us today. I woke up early in the morning and got on the phone (I do most of my work over the phone), by 10am my phone (Blackberry) stopped making any outgoing or incoming calls at all. Those that have tried to get in contact with me would not even get a busy signal or voice mail, the line would stay quite with not sound at all when someone called me.

Thankfully I was receiving my e-mails and sms messages.

When I got to the office I called AT & T to find out what is the problem, and they told me that they are experiencing difficulty with service in New York area, when I mentioned that it is effecting my business tremendously the representative told me that they sympathize with me but nothing can be done until approximately 2pm. How does that help me?

Thankfully my service was restored by 11:30am. But guess what, now I don't receive my e-mails.

This reminds me why I switched from AT & T 7 years ago and now I thought that it would be different this time, but I guess nothing has changed.

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