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Monday, September 3, 2007

Los Angeles - Day 7

Los Angeles, there is a lot of controversy about this city. Some will say they love it, so will hate it; some will just simply stay indifferent. We liked it a lot, not enough to say that we want to live here if a right opportunity will come along, but enough to say that this is a place where you can have a good time, either just the two of us or coming out with friends. There is definitely a lot of interesting things to do here.

So today we spent the whole day at Universal Studio, I have strategically made reservations for a VIP tour around Universal Studio, and it came out great. Aside from having a illustrious tour guide, who obviously likes what she does for a living, we have managed to get on practically every ride and without having to stay in line.

You will see on the pictures some of the rides that we were on, and just to mention a few: Back to the Future (which will be closed tomorrow for good), its been open for 14 years to entertain and now will be permanently closed. Instead of it there will be a new ride made especially for Simpsons.

The Terminator, Shreck, Sea World, and Jurassic Park were among many rides we took today.

But I am also taking my hats off to the tour behind the scenes of the studios itself: the making of the sound, and decorations, I can go on with the list of the things that we saw and learned about endlessly.

Just to sum it up, if there is a kid in any one of you my dear friends, this is the place where that kid should come out and have fun to the full extent.

By the time we came back to the hotel we were pleasantly tired. So we went to bed right away.

Well without further bragging about it, here are the pictures, see it for yourself. Pictures

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