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Friday, April 3, 2009

Word of the day - GENEROCITY

Every day I am posting a word and ask you to respond to it. Something about yourself, or something that you are working on, or your world view, in 2 or 3 sentences (140 characters for twitter users) through the words of the week. I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

This is the 1st game in a series of Games presented by FROG Enterprises and Points of You.

Please share you worldviews, introduce yourself and express your feeling through the following word.

GENEROSITY (Opportunities)

"Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging." (Deepak Chopra)

"Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need." (Khalil Gibran)

(Quotes are provided by Points of You)

He who is Generous will never have to ask for anything, he who is Giving will live an enriched life. Give generously and you shall receive. The Generosity of one person can spread through the nations and enrich lives of many. - Lena Feygin

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