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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

California Vacation - Day 4 - Carmel and Rt 1

I can’t believe that this is actually day 4 of our vacation and that we are almost half way through with all the fun and entertainment. But so far it is great to be here!!!!

We woke up in our enormous suite, made some coffee, took a bath and enjoyed a quite peaceful morning on the patio. Carmel resort was filled with love and quite beauty of nature. It is filled with upscale golf courses and multiple tennis courts, aside from the spa and delicious restaurants on the territory. This resort grounds stretch out for 1700 acres. A lot of the suites as it turned out are condominiums and do belong to someone, primarily some golf maniac, but very upscale. :)

Since we don’t play golf, yet, and we weren’t up to tennis, or swimming or even spa activities, we have decided to hit the road in the morning to see more of California.

After a delicious breakfast we were on the way to Pismo Beach where we are staying for the following two nights. As a route for our journey we picked famous for its scenic way Pacific Coast Highway or Rt 1. As you can see on the pictures the views are just mesmerizing. The whole road takes your breath away, by the combination of different floras combined together in one environment. I hope you can see it on the pictures.

To us the whole ride, which with all the stops took us approximately 4 hours or about that time, was an enchanted forest that came down on us with its live ocean and sun that hides behind the haze and then comes out to shine at you again.

I felt like a little girl from a fairy tale. Ok, ok, maybe I am not a little girl, but we were part of that enchanted forest and it was amazing.

Nature has it way with you when you are exposed to it, it affects you deeply on the levels that we are not able to comprehend or understand, in a mean time it interacts with you and becomes an integral part of your life. Seeing the ocean move on its on with spontaneous combustions somewhere in a middle was wonderful and weird at the same time. Seeing palm trees integrate with evergreens was funny. Nature has combined its sources here on the coast and allowed us to participate in this joint venture of humanity integrated with raw nature. If it makes any sense at all, we were drunk with visual information that we processed on the way. We are happy to live in this world and to explore some parts of it that were unknown to us before.

This trip is turning out to be an awesome adventure and an excellent road trip.

Enjoy the pictures from today Pictures

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