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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Vacation in California - San Francisco - Day 2

San Francisco has officially failed any touristy expectation that I had. We grade it an overall - F.

Good things first, if you are going to look at the pictures you will see the beauty of some of the Victorian houses that has been remodeled after the earthquake and have some interesting detailing on the facade. With the real estate costing millions of dollars and being build on the grounds that will not sustain an earthquake, makes you wonder if this is a worthy investment.

The hilly parts of the city have excellent views and do look quite delicious to some. We weren’t impressed. And I can see the fumes coming out of the ears of those who love this city. I apologize, but it is not what we expected at all.

Golden Gate Bridge is impressive, with its built in movement and historical significance to the city altogether, we have graded our experience with the bridge at a - B-

China Town - is great touristy place, it stretches out quite a bit and is located right next to the Union Square having a French Quarter by the entrance to the China Town. (French Quarters by the way sucked), but back to China town. It does have a lot to offer and more colorful then the one in New York, but its the same shops and the same souvenirs with just a different city name printed on tee shirts. Overall, you will see some rated R figurines that we photographed while window shopping. Impressive - China town gets a - B+. You have to appreciate the preservation of culture and decorations on the buildings. I think out of the two and a half days we have been in San Francisco, China Town was the only place we could actually enjoy the walking and looking around without being abused.

Here is the scoop.

San Francisco is a beautiful city, it has a lot to offer to the wondering eye of a tourist. It holds different dynamic and cultures around every corner. Aside from general shops like Saks, Barney and CHANEL which every American city has, it also holds that authentic taste of personable shops and tons of souvenirs. We loved this part which was completely overshadowed by the number of homeless people on the street.


Homeless here are aggressive and not in a good way. We got abused by a women clearly in need of psychiatric help. And all the homeless asking for money are actually in your face. Coming from New York, we know a thing or two about homeless, but never in our life have we experienced such pursuit of their need for money and food. It is disgusting to walk the streets and only see the homeless. Where are the people that live in the city? I understand that this is the weekend and all of the busy people of San Francisco do not come to work and therefore spending time in the suburbia, but common, the amount of homeless on the street is enormous. What happen to the tax payers money that are suppose to go into shelters and social programs for the poor.

And there is two kinds of crazy here, the aggressive homeless asking for something and almost grabbing you and the friendly crazy aggressiveness of liberal activists marching down the streets protesting for something and forcing you to take their flyers. They would not leave us alone. Do I look liberal to anyone?

We can’t wait to leave to be quite frank with you and I am hoping that the rest of California is not homeless!

Love to everyone home.

Pictures are here San Francisco - Day 2 -

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