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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

California Vacation - Day 5 - Pismo Beach

Just a lazy afternoon here at Pismo Beach, Cliff Resort.

Since we will have to drive for the most part of tomorrow, going through Santa Barbara and right into LA, Universal Studio City to be exact, we have decided to spend a somewhat laid back afternoon here at the resort. Especially since Gor came down with a little cold. :(

We woke up early enough to catch up with some work, even though we are away, we can’t seem to part from the work that we do for more than a couple of days. So morning started early with some e-mailing and some conversations (all work related).

Then we have decided to catch on with the fact that we are on vacation and we went down to the spa to have a couples massage. 60 minutes of bliss, laying side by side with two therapist working their way through the stress and tension of our bodies. By 12 p.m. we felt better and took a walk through the private beach that our resort grounds have, as you can see on the pictures it was very nice.

Later we took a quick drive down to the downtown of San Louis Obispo and had a nice lunch there sitting on the patio and overlooking a creek that goes through the town.

As I said nothing much to report, just a lazy afternoon in front of TV.

Pictures from today are here

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