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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

San Jose and Carmel - Day 3

Finally a piece of heaven!!!!

We woke up to the fogs of San Francisco and as mentioned before couldn’t wait to get out of town to see more of California, hopeful for the great places that we have been told about. After having a quick breakfast we went to Alamo car rental to pick up our compact car. Two and a half hours standing in line and witnessing to British tourists going off on the poor worker of the car rental place, we finally got our compact car that can fit about 10 people inside and were off on the road to meet our friends in San Jose.

On the way to see our friends at their suggestion. (Thank you) we stopped by Santana Row. And HEAVEN began to come down on earth. Santana Row is a very colorful street filled with cosy restaurants (I am not sure if the pictures can really reflect it) and some great shops where we bought our Ace of Base CD for the road.

Quick stop for margarita and guacamole and we were on the way to see our friends.

Meeting friends is always a positive and enlightening experience, especially when it is accompanied by two adorable and sweet kids. Dinner was great, conversations cheery and we were back on the road to our nightly stay at Carmel Valley Ranch.

My God! If there is God, the God bless American Express platinum who helped me book this resort.

Aside from being treated like royalty we are staying at the property stretching out many miles in all directions. With its own golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools (in multiple) and Jacuzzis (one is conveniently located right outside our suite. Yes, we are staying in a suite that is bigger than our apartment. Living room with cosy couch and arm chars. Large closets and enormous bedroom with fully functional fire place and a bathroom that is 3 times bigger than home with both shower and a bath. We are also of course, are in for a complimentary late check out at 4pm, free breakfast and lunch.

I love this place and I feel like we are on top of this world.

Tell you more tomorrow, because now we are off to burning a log in a fire place and taking a bath with out complementary bottle of wine and cookies.

OH HEAVEN!!!! Pictures

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